In store pickup service is free. No service charge or additional fees.

Is delivery available?

Delivery within 20km of our store locations is available with delivery fees as described below:

Store Address: 888 Dundas St. East Mississauga, ON. L4Y 4G6


Driving Distance

Delivery Charge


plus tax per drop off location


plus tax per drop off location



1. that if you purchase overweight items (net weight 6kg and more) an $1 over weight charge will apply.

2. Online delivery orders deemed as “dangerous, flammable, explosive and toxic” such as topsoil will not be personally delivered because it may contaminate the food.

How is the delivery distance calculated?

Our website will calculate the delivery distance based on your delivery address and the traffic condition at the time your order is ready to deliver. 

Is there a handling fee for in-store pickup and delivery?

Currently, we do not charge handling fees on in-store pickup and delivery. All item prices will be based on the in-store price at the time your order is being prepared. There is no handling fee in addition to the delivery charge.

Do I need to register or sign up to place an order?

To place an order, we recommend you to sign up for an account. This helps ensure that we can provide you with a better shopping experience; however, guest checkout is current available for non-account holders.

You may also able to use your current Gmail, Facebook, or Amazon account to sign in securely.

Is there a minimum order value when I place an order?

Our service is available on orders over $60. If you are unable to place an order, please confirm that you have met the minimum order value first.

Why have the prices of some of my items changed?

The prices of your cart items are subject to substitutions, the actual weight of picked items, and in-store pricing based on your scheduled day of pickup or delivery.

The online store price might not reflect the in-store prices at the time of picking up your item. The final price will be calculated based on the in-store price at the time of picking.

Why do I see an estimated price on some items?

Item priced as per lb or 100g can vary in size and your cart will show an estimated weight and price. When your order is prepared, we will weigh each item to determine its final price. 

The online store price might not reflect the in-store prices at the time of picking up your item. The final price will be calculated based on the in-store price at the time of picking.

What if some of my items are not available when my order is prepared?

If an item is not available when your order is being prepared, your picker will select a substitution according to your preference at the time of your checkout. Your order will be adjusted based on the final picked items. If you chose to decline substitutions in your order, your picker will not pick any alternative items.

What is your return policy?

Fresh vegetable, fruit, meat, dairy, and seafood:

If an item has quality issues please contact our customer service within 24 hours after you receive your order. Photos showing quality issues are required as identification of product quality. No refund will be issued if you report your issues after 24 hours. 

Grocery, Frozen, and household items:

If an item has a quality issue please contact our customer service immediately. We accept in-store refund or exchange for such items within 7 days of delivery. 

What if I have a problem with an item after I received my order?

Our in-store picking team is striving to pick the freshest and best items for our customers. If the shelf life of the product is not to your satisfaction, please contact our customer service for a refund or exchange.

Can I show up early or late for my orders?

Arriving to pick up your order before receiving the “Ready to Pickup” Notification may cause longer waiting times outside of your store. We recommend that you contact our customer service before heading up to the store without a notification.

We normally prepare your order prior to pickup or delivery time to ensure the freshness of the perishable items. Please contact our customer service if you are coming late to pick up your orders such that we can place your order to coolers if necessary.


I just placed an order, how do I pick it up or when will I receive the delivery?

After you complete the checkout process, our customer service representative will contact you in order to prepare your order. You will receive a phone call or text message notifying you of any updates made to your order while it’s being prepared. We will confirm with you the ideal time or pickup or delivery. We will try out best to accommodate your convenience; however, delays might happen due to a high volume of order quantities.

Please wait for the notification of ready for pickup before heading to the store.

I live in a condo or apartment, will you deliver to doors?

Some condos or apartments might limit entry for delivery persons. Our driver will let you know when your order will arrive at your lobby. Please proceed to the lobby to pick up your order.

If special conditions apply, please let our customer service team know. We will try our best to assist you.


Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept online payments or Mastercard and Visa for all grocery orders.

Why is the amount on my credit card different from my receipt?

When you place your order, a pre-authorization amount is withheld by us based on your total order value. The final price of your order will be available once your order is being picked. There might be a discrepancy between your order amount and the actual amount we charged when your order is prepared due to item availabilities, product weight difference, or substitutions. We will only charge you the final price of your order after items are ready for pickup or delivery. If you view your online credit card statement for up to 5 business days after you receive your order, you will see a pending charge until the final charges show up. Please contact customer service if you do not see updates after 5 business days.

Why is a pre-authorization hold for an online order?

A pre-authorization hold simply confirms that funds are available on your credit card. As soon as we can confirm that funds are available, we release the hold, returning it to your bank. Please keep in mind that depending on your bank’s timeframe, the funds can re-appear immediately or require an entire billing cycle prior to release.

Why was my credit card charged twice for my Al Premium order?

Your credit card will only be charged after your items are ready for delivery or picked up. Before your items are ready for pickup or delivery, you will notice a pre-authorization hold in the amount of your order on your card statement. The pre-authorization validates the credit card number, status, available credit line and billing information to ensure that it matches exactly what the bank or credit card company has on file. At this point, your card hasn’t been charged yet.

Once authorization is received, you may notice a decrease in your available credit line. Your bank or credit card company may put a hold on this amount for a specific period of time. Each financial institution has a different policy on the time period of authorization holds. 

Why is my online payment declined?

Online payment of your credit card requires security checks prior to authorization. For security purposes, our website will automatically check your credit card validation. If you see a declined message, please check and ensure that your personal information and billing address is correct.

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